Off to a Good Start

Brand Agency Client Year
2015 Subaru Outback DDB Canada Subaru Canada 2016
Arctic Gardens Lg2 Bonduelle 2016
Dark Roast J. Walter Thompson Tim Hortons 2016
Debtman Credit Counselling Society Credit Counselling Society 2016
Fix Auto Cundari Fix Auto 2016
Kraft Peanut Butter Taxi Canada Kraft Canada 2016
McCain Superfries Grip McCain Foods Canada 2016
Oikos Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R Danone 2016
Unilever Canada Ariad Communications Unilever Canada 2016
American Express Canada Ogilvy & Mather American Express Canada 2015
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Ogilvy & Mather Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada 2015
Sélections Chartier Sid Lee Sélections Chartier 2015
Shreddies Grey Post Foods Canada 2015
Strategic Milk Alliance DDB Canada Strategic Milk Alliance 2015
Subaru Canada DDB Canada Subaru Canada 2015
Taco Bell Grip Limited Yum! Brands 2015
Tangerine John St. Tangerine 2015
Ubisoft Publicis Montreal Ubisoft 2015
The Bus System – Quebec City Public Transit Network lg2 Quebec City Public Transit Network (Réseau de transport de la Capitale RTC) 2014
Corona, Live Mas Fina Zulu Alpha Kilo Modelo Molson Imports L.P./td>

Dove Men+Care “Real Man Challenge” Ogilvy Toronto Unilever 2014
Knorr ‘What’s for Dinner?’ Ariad Communications Unilever Canada 2014
MCSC: Milk Carton 2.0 Grey Canada Missing Children Society of Canada 2014
Our Food. Your Questions Tribal Worldwide, a division of DDB McDonald’s Canada 2014
Rouge FM Bleublancrouge Bell Media (former Astral Média) 2014
Saving Joe Boxer Red Lion Caulfeild Apparel Group Ltd. 2014
Activia 2012 – Back to relevancy, back on track! Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R Brands Danone Canada 2013 The Most Cars In One Place DDB Canada AutoTRADER 2013
BMW Canada 1M Launch Cundari BMW Group Canada 2013
Larsen Classic Taste Returns Target Maple Leaf Foods 2013
Long Live The Home – IKEA Leo Burnett, Toronto IKEA 2013
Make Death Wait Lowe Roche The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada 2013
Morty 2.0 Dare Vancouver MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services) 2013
Two kids. Two cultures. Oreo. DraftFCB Kraft Canada 2013
Boston Pizza – Finger Cooking Taxi Toronto Boston Pizza International 2012
Familiprix – We put ourselves in your shoes lg2 Familiprix 2012
Kit Kat Chunky JWT Nestlé Canada Inc. 2012
Vector – Get Out What You Put In Leo Burnett Kellogg Canada 2012
MY 2011 Subaru Forester DDB Canada Subaru Canada 2012
MY 2011 Subaru WRX DDB Canada Subaru Canada 2012
OLG – Poker Lotto Due North Communications OLG 2012
Pepsi Max Quebec NolinBBDO PepsiCo Beverages Canada 2012
TASSIMO Ogilvy Kraft Canada 2012
Tetley Infusions john st. Tetley Canada 2012
Gadoua MultiGo Headspace Marketing Inc. Weston Bakeries Ltd. 2011
Knorr "Salty" DDB Canada Unilever Canada 2011
Molson Canadian 67 CP+B Canada
Spring Design
Sklar Wilton & Associates
Paradigm PR
Molson-Coors Canada 2011
Rickard’s TAXI Canada Rickard’s 2011
Subaru DDB Canada Subaru Canada 2011
Lexus RX 350 Dentsu Canada Inc. Lexus Canada Inc. 2010
McDonald’s Mornings COSSETTE McDonald’s Canada 2010
Fromages d’ici Cossette Communication Marketing Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec 2009
Koodo Mobile Taxi Canada Inc. Koodo Mobile 2009
Milk – Building Milk Volume… Due North Communications Inc. Dairy Farmers of Canada 2009
ParticiPACTION JWT ParticipACTION 2009
Pillsbury Cookies Cossette General Mills Canada 2009
Toyota Corolla Dentsu Canada Inc. Toyota Canada Inc. 2009
Toyota Highlander Dentsu Canada Inc. Toyota Canada Inc. 2009
Auto Trader john st. Trader Corporation 2007
Gay Lea Spreadables Butter john st. Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited 2007
La Parisienne Liquid Detergent Allard Johnson Communications LAVO Inc. 2007
Lexus LS460 Dentsu Canada Inc. Toyota Canada Inc., Lexus Division 2007
Reversa Taxi Canada Inc. Dermtek Pharmaceutiques 2007
SpongeTowels (English Canada) john st. Kruger Products (formerly Scott Paper) 2007
SpongeTowels (Quebec) PALM Arnold Communication Kruger Products (formerly Scott Paper) 2007
Grolsch Doug Agency Grolsch Int’l 2006
Lait au Chocolat BBDO Montréal Quebec Milk 2006
Wonder Plus Round Table Weston Bakeries 2006
Yaris Saatchi and Saatchi Toyota Canada 2006
Moelleux Plus Headspace Mktg. Weston Bakeries 2006
Molson Canadian ZIG Molson 2006 Bos, Provokat 2006
Naked Grape Bos Vincor 2006
Payday Bensimon-Byrne Ontario Lottery 2006
Rickard’s TAXI Molson 2006
Stouffers Quick Casual Meals Publicis Nestlé 2006
Trade Freedom Gee Jeffrey Trade Freedom 2006
All-Bran Buds Leo Burnett Kellogg Canada Inc. 2005
Eggo French Toaster Stix Leo Burnett Toronto Kellogg Canada 2005
Energizer – Lithium Battery DDB Canada Energizer Canada 2005
Jergens Ultra Care TAXI Kao Brands Canada Inc. 2005
K & G Fashion Stores john st. K & G Fashion Stores (The Men’s Wearhouse) 2005
McCain Crescendo Rising Crust Pizza Target Marketing and Communications Inc. McCain Foods 2005
Natural Selection – Butter Cossette Communication Group Dairy Farmers of Canada 2005
Rolo: A Cone of Chocolate? JWT Nestlé Canada 2005 Anti-Smoking Campaign Bensimon Byrne Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 2005
The Cat’s Meow TBWA \ Toronto Effem Inc. 2005
Toyota Tacoma Relaunch Dentsu Canada Inc. Toyota Canada Inc. 2005
Twix Grey Worldwide Effem Inc. 2005
Deux. C’est Mieux. BBDO Montréal Les Producteurs Laitiers du Canada – Québec 2004
Gaz Métro Diesel Gaz Métro 2004
Never Stop. Milk. Cossette West Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership 2004
Bait Cars Palmer Jarvis DDB Vancouver Insurance Corporation of British Columbia 2003
Dodge SX 2.0 BBDO DaimlerChrysler 2003
Familiprix Bos Familiprix 2003
Family Channel john st. Astral Television Networks 2003
Irving “World of Taste” Coffee Target Marketing & Communications Inc. Irving Oil Ltd. 2003
ProLine Bensimon-Byrne D’Arcy Ontario Lottery Corporation 2002 Round Table Advertising 2002