Crossover Notes
by David Rutherford

P&G and O&M were passionate about “lessons learned,” and so was I. All the CASSIES cases have great lessons in them, though at the pace we work today these lessons are not necessarily easy to find. I was thinking about this as I was editing CASSIES 1997, and I had the idea for Crossover Notes.

They started as bite-sized footnotes pointing out lessons that “crossed over” from one case to another. Then, as time has gone by, they’ve evolved to what we have today.

You can use Crossover Notes in two ways. Although they weren’t designed as a crash course in advertising (and they don’t cover everything), you can read them as a whole. Or you can dip into them selectively, with the headings on the next page helping you choose your topic.

The Crossover Notes are an important part of CASSIES history; they analyze over 300 cases and identify 34 deeper marketing truths.

They can be downloaded at this link.