History of the Cassies

It used to be assumed in marketing and advertising that cause and effect between advertising and business success was virtually impossible to prove—because of the difficulty of extracting the effect of price, promotion, product, competitive activity etc.

This first began to be challenged in the 1960s, jump-started when the Effie Awards were started in 1968 in the United States by the New York American Marketing Association. The award expanded globally after its founding in the US, with the first programs emerging in Germany in 1981, in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland in 1984, and in France, Chile and Peru in the early 1990s.

Over in the U.K., The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising launched the IPA Effectiveness Awards in 1980, with the winners decided on the basis of a rigorous business case. These Awards have continued every two years, and many winning cases are masterpieces.

In the early 90s, Rupert Brendon realized that Canada needed its equivalent that would adopt the best of the Effies and the IPA Awards, and, with a team of colleagues, launched the CASSIES (Canadian Advertising Success Stories) in 1993 with the following mandate:

“To prove by rigorous case study that advertising is a prudent commercial investment—not a cost—that pays out against measurable criteria, in a wide variety of circumstances. Furthermore, to publish winning case histories, thereby raising the standards of marketing and advertising best practice. The case will be a joint-submission from advertiser and agency, and the prestige of winning will go to the entire client-agency team.”

The CASSIES originally ran every two years through 2001, when they became an annual event. There are nearly 400 winning cases in the Case Library. There are nearly 400 winning cases in the Case Library.

The Cassies become Effie Canada

“It was great to partner with former ICA president Jani Yates, and more recently A2C CEO Dominique Villeneuve and Scott Knox, to help build the CASSIES into a successful effectiveness program,” says Mary Maddever, SVP, editorial director and publisher of strategy. “The rigor and passion the many juries, benchmarkers and advisors put into shaping and curating a unique Canadian recognition platform over the years was inspiring.”

Scott Knox, president and CEO of the ICA, told strategy that making the CASSIES a part of the Effie Awards gives local marketers and agencies the chance to be honoured for their effectiveness with an award that is recognized internationally.

“Canadian marketing should be more recognized on the global stage and Effie Canada will deliver that pathway to bring more work into the country,” Knox says. “After our record year at Cannes, our agencies continuing to win Effie North American awards, now is our time to shine globally. Whether in independent or network-owned agencies, excellence in marketing communications resides in this country.”

On the part of the Effie Awards, the organization said in a press release that a dedicated program for the Canadian market will help it to extend its reach to more marketers here, as well as “add a new dimension” to the regional rankings of the Global Effie Index thanks to the expanded pool of case studies, juries and marketers.

FULL ARTICLE: http://strategyonline.ca/2018/06/14/the-cassies-become-effie-canada/